– Dean of Student.

EGTTI is the best academic destination for quality education because the training is skills based, discipline amongst the students is very high and lecturers are dedicated towards their work. The Institute is unique in that facilities for various courses are adequate. A close relationship between lecturers, students, administration and other members of staff exists too. The existing teamwork has ensured continued academic excellence and ready job market for students whenever they graduate. The office of the Dean of Students at The Institute is primarily concerned with students’ welfare while in the Institute. It is committed to helping all students at the reach their fullest potential by encouraging them to engage in self-reflection and think critically in order to foster personal growth. The DoS staff members work to meet each student’s unique need in order to support their academic success. The Office is under the general guidance of the Chief Principal and is situated on first floor of the Hospitality Building/Student’s Centre. The office works in liaison with its service departments and co-ordinates the activities the departments. The departments are; Guidance and Counseling, Accommodation, Catering services, Clinical services, Clubs and Societies, Students Union (EGTTISA) and Sports. It also works in liaison with the Security department for student’s welfare. The Office of the DoS acts as a link between the Institute Administration and the students and further provides chaplaincy services through the relevant patrons by co-coordinating religious activities in the institution.

Students Governing Council


For better coordination, the Polytechnic has an empowered students’ association known as Ekerubo Gietai Technical Training Institute Students’ Association (EGTTISA). The students’ association is governed by elected student leaders who run their affairs pertaining to their general welfare vis-à-vis social, financial and academic, as per the approved constitution. The association articulates issues on behalf the students. This association prepares programmes for entertainment, cultural and social activities. The elections of the officials are held annually and are coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students. After EGTTISA elections, the dean of students organizes for leadership training to equip the newly elected officials with leadership skills.

As the Dean of Students, my vision for EGTTIis for the institution to have more hostels for females and independent entertainment rooms for both male and female students. I also hope to see the institution embracing online hostels’ bookings soonest possible.

I would like to encourage both the student and staff to maintain the cordial and consultative relationship they have had over the years and the parents to bring their sons and daughters to theEGTTI, as they will never regret.


  1. Google Club
  2. Environmental Club
  3. Scouts Club
  4. Karate Club
  5. First Aid Club
  6. Research and Innovation
  7. Creative Arts Club
  8. Christian Union
  9. YCS/Catholic Students Association (CSA)
  10. Seventh Day Adventist (SDA)
  11. Muslim Group