Mission Statement: The department is committed to creating an enabling, efficient, transparent and an inclusive environment for research and innovation aimed at driving advancement in science, technology and knowledge.

The guiding principles of the department are;

  1. Integrity;
  2. Courtesy;
  3. Teamwork;
  4. Competence;
  5. Fidelity to the law.

Message from the Head of Department: Mr. Mark Otieno Moses        


I take this humble opportunity to welcome everyone to the Nyamira National Polytechnic. The department of Research and Development is one for everyone. Apart from undertaking training in our respective areas of specialization, staff and trainees are encouraged to undertake research leading to new scientific knowledge and innovative solutions to society challenges. It’s the mandate of this department to create an enabling and inclusive environment where staff and trainees can undertake meaningful research.

So far, the department has established an Institutional Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Strategy whose implementation will go a long way improving STI capacity of the Polytechnic. The department has also organized successful internal capacity building workshops for Research and Proposal & Paper writing and Robotics Programming Training for both staff and trainees which are aimed at improving their capacity to undertake research and innovation.

The Polytechnic has participated in KATTI TVET Fairs, Robotics Contest and Research Conferences in which we have showcased our innovation to the general public and disseminated research findings. Currently the Polytechnic is preparing for the National Trade Fairs and Robotics Contest in which we expect to perform very well.

In order to streamline research and development activities, the department is in the process of developing a Research and Innovation Policy and Intellectual Property Policy. These shall provide a framework that will promote, monitor and implement high quality research and protect the outcome of research carried out by staff and trainees of the Polytechnic. In addition, the department is looking at mechanism of rewarding staff and trainees who come up with new knowledge and innovations from research work.

Together let’s explore new knowledge and develop innovative solutions to challenges in our societies.

Thank you.