We proudly recognize ICT to be one of the fastest growing and dynamic service industries in the Country, and therefore, there is need to keep up-to-date with the technology used in the industry to ensure that our graduates have a seamless transition from College to the Job market.
Our mission
To develop in our students the deep technical, problem solving and leadership skills needed to create new state-of-the computing technologies they need to take up real-world challenges.
To produce competent technical professionals to become part of the industry and research organizations at the national and international levels.


The Courses Currently offered by the Department includes the following:

  1. Diploma in Information and Communication Technology    – KNEC Examined
  2. Diploma in Computer Studies    – KNEC Examined
  3. Craft Certificate in Information and Communication Technology – KNEC Examined
  4. CISCO IT Essentials – CBET Course
  5. Information Technologist – Level 5 and Level 6
  6. International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) – CBET Course
  7. CISCO CCNA I – IV (Computer Network Administration)
  8. Certificate in Computer Programming –TKNP CBET Course
  9. Certificate in Web Design and Programming – TKNP CBET Course

Career Opportunities
Every year, graduates of our diploma and Certificate programmes find employment in various government departments, parastatals, County governments, NGOs and the private Sector at large. Most promising career paths for our graduates are: –

  • Computer technicians
  • Network administrators
  • Programmers
  • Systems Analysis
  • ICT Tutors and Trainers
  • Web design and Development.